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Household Care Service

Household Care Service

Product name:Household Care Service

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Household Items  Care          
Its very important to have your household items been treated properly, it is like your Intimate partner that deserves your attention.

Silk quilts clean and silk quilts cover cleanout

1)  Silk wadding is not suitable for washing and dry-cleaning. If there are blots which must be washed, please clean the local blots carefully, wipe it and then dry it in a ventilated place.
2)  Key ingredient of the quilts covers is protein. So do not use the alkaline detergent or soap and other strong detergent when washing it. Please choose neutral lotion and silk fabric special lotion.
3)  Do No hot washing, appropriate water temperature should be 30~35degree, no washing with other cloths or quilts of different colors.
4)  Do not wash by machine. Hand wash is the best. Don't expose it to the sun or dry it in the dryer.
5)  Dry it before storing, eliminate the internal moisture as far as possible; do not store in damp and hot environment, do not keep it in plastic bags to maintain its permeability; do not use camphor ball and other substances to avoid pollution.

Maintenance Way:
1) If the new purchased silk quilts have chrysalis, please dry it in a well-ventilated place for two hours; if the quilts would not be used temporarily, please store in a dry place and dry it within 6 months, keep it soft and fluffy without any great pressure.
2) Please use the quilts covers in proper size and keep the covers mouth clean.

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