Q&As  Why is your Eco-friendly cleaning process better for me, my clothes and the environment?
Everything about Dry Cleaning is different — from the cleaning products we use, to the equipment that cleans your clothing and household items, to the impact we have on the environment. Our state of the art equipment cleans your items with products that don’t leave harsh chemical residues or smells and what’s more, they don’t release harmful waste into the environment like traditional dry cleaning processes.

Do you charge extra for Pick Up or Delivery?
Yes, only the service cost is above 300RMB within inner can get free pick up and deliver otherwise, there 38RMB will be charged for pick up and delivery for inner ring of shanghai.

Where do you Pick Up and Deliver my order?
We Pick Up and Deliver to a location and area of your choosing! We will Pick Up and Deliver to your home, apartment, condo , hotel concierge, or office within our delivery area on our Schedule

How do I pay for your door-to-door service?
You may pay by cash or pay online through Paypal, our Paypal account is: Normally, you pay when we deivery.

How do I place an order?
Simply book online or call us at 18616843107 or email at to schedule a pick up. We will contact you as soon as we received your order.

How will I know my scheduled Pick Up and Delivery days?
You can either schedule a fixed time each week for your Pick Up using our Delivery Schedule, Call Us or simply booking online.  Our regular pick up and delivery hours are Monday–Sunday from 7:30am until 9PM

How do I tell you about a special request or a stain on my garment?
Special requests or instructions can be tell to our customer service when contact for pick up.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order after it’s delivered?
Please call our office at 18616843107 or send us an e-mail at
within 3 days of receiving your order.
If the matter is urgent, please call  18616843107

How can I join membership card?
Simply pay 2000RMB when we pick up or deliver your clothes or  Contact Us at 18616843107 or email us at, we will take care of everything for you. 

Tips . What is the difference between dry cleaning and regular washing?
Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using an organic solvent other than water. Special solvents and soaps are used so as not to harm fabrics and dyes that will not withstand the effects of ordinary soap and water. This process is gentler than regular washing because it reduces the possibility of shrinkage and/or color loss.

• What causes buttons to crack and fall apart?
Some buttons are made out of materials that can't withstand normal dry-cleaning or washing procedures. Our policy is to identify and remove these types of buttons before cleaning. Over time, laundered shirt buttons may crack due to the heat & pressure used to properly press the shirt. When this happens, we replace them.

• Why can't all spots or stains be removed?
Some spots adhere to the fabric or dye in such a way that the spot removal process needed to break down the stain may also break down the fabric or dye, thereby ruining the garment. When we discover this type of stain, our policy is to stop attempting to remove it before any damage to the garment occurs. 

• Silk and Rayon? How to properly care for them?
These types of garments are sensitive to perfume, deodorant, perspiration, hair spray, food and beverages. Avoid prolonged contact with any of these substances, which can result in discoloration of the fabric. We recommend cleaning after each wear. Also, have all matching pieces of an outfit cleaned together to maintain consistency of appearance.