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The ingredient of linen cloth and how to clean it

how to clean linen cloth

how to clean linen cloth

The ingredient of linen cloth and how to clean it: linen cloth refers to a variety of hemp plant fibers, with soft, comfortable, cool breathable, washable, light, antiseptic, antibacterial and so on. Is one kind of linen cloth linen, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca hemp and other plant fibers. Generally used to make casual wear, work wear, it can also be used to produce environmentally friendly packaging, fashion handbags, gifts, food exquisite little sacks, pet products, cement products, maintenance, technology paintings, architectural decoration, shop decoration, hardware bags, pavement maintenance, environmental protection products, new plates, hunting supplies, garden supplies, crafts shoes and hats, fine logo, ship supplies, and so the outer ring. It has the advantage of high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, permeability is very good. Its disadvantage is not very comfortable to wear, the appearance of coarse, blunt. Products made with breathable cool linen, soft and comfortable washable, light, antiseptic, antibacterial characteristics.

– laundry guide –

Washing: clothing belongs proteinaceous delicate health woven fiber, should not be washed in the rough goods rub and use the washing machine, the clothes should be immersed in water deserted 5 – 10 minutes, with a special silk detergent low foam synthetic washing powder or neutral soap gently Qingcuo, (if it is washed silk fabrics such small pieces, then use better shampoo can also be), painted silk dress can be rinsed in clean water repeatedly.

Drying: After washing clothing should not be the sun, but should not use dryer heat drying should generally be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry. Because the sun’s ultraviolet rays easily silk fabric yellowing, fading and aging. So after washing silk clothing should not be twisted to the water should be gently fluffed, negative out Airing, dry to Qicheng dry before ironing or shaking flat.

Ironing: clothing wrinkle resistance than the fiber was somewhat less, it is “not true does not wrinkle silk,” they said. After washing clothes, such as wrinkling, only we need ironing crisp, elegant and beautiful. When ironing the laundry to dry and then evenly Qicheng dry mist of water, wait 3-5 minutes and then iron, ironing temperature should be controlled at 150 ° C or less. Iron should not touch directly on the fabric surface to avoid the shine.

Storage: Storage for dress, thin underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas, better clean them first, and dry and ironing. Washable inconvenience autumn and winter clothing, jacket surface, Han Chinese clothing, cheongsam use dry cleaning method, o prevent mildew and the borers. After ironing, sterilization can also play a role in pest control. At the same time, store the boxes of clothing, counter to maintain a clean, try to seal to prevent dust pollution.

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