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How to remove mold stains on your clothes



If you leave your clothes in a warm and damp place and one with inadequate ventilation, molds are certain to form on them. Mold stains on clothes vary in colors ranging from brown to black, white, grey and even green. And needless to say, these stains, or molds in general, can be a nuisance in one way or another and the longer they stay on the clothes, the worse the clothes will smell not to mention the damage they can cause including weakening and eventual rotting. This’s without doubt an unwelcome situation for most people. But how are these mold stains formed, you may ask.

Well, for clothes that have been left in a wet and warm place/condition, mold would start to grow gradually as such a condition is conducive for them. This is especially so for clothes made from the natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk etc rather than those of synthetic fibers which are not susceptible to mold formation. The molds would then produce enzymes that lead to breakdown of proteins or cellulose to compounds which they can then use as food to further enhance their growth and proliferation. At the early stages of their growth, molds can generally be detected on clothes, for instance those in a closet, as a characteristic musty odor. Careful examination of these clothes may then reveal the stains with visible mold growth or their distinct pigmentation.

Having formed, these mold stains have negative ramifications as earlier mentioned in addition to posing a threat to health. As such, something needs to be done about them sooner rather than later. If they’re not severely damaged by visible mold, the clothes can be restored to their original condition without necessarily throwing them away. This article aims to elaborate some of the proven ways of easily, safely and quickly removing the mold stains. After washing the clothes and letting them dry in the sun, any of the following methods can be tried independently or one after another until the desired results are achieved.
Removing mold by simple cleaning.
One of the simplest ways to remove mold from your clothes is by simple cleaning without any products. This is by brushing off the mold, and washing the clothes thoroughly as follows:

1. Take the clothes outside and brush off the mold while trying to remove the loose mold as much as you can.
Nb: Always remember to put on a protective mask and gloves when you’re dealing with any mold contamination.
2. After this, leave the clothes out to dry in the sun. The sun will kill much of the remaining mold.
3. Then soak the clothes into cold water. After this, wash them as usual with some hot water.
4. Hang them and let them dry well in the sun. The mold would be removed.

By dry Cleaning
For dry clean-only clothes that have developed mold, mold killing products cannot be used to wash them. Fortunately dry cleaning the clothes has proven to be effective in removing mold. By simply dry cleaning such clothes, the heat used will remove the mold.

Using Bleach

One of the best known ways to remove mold from most clothes and fade away the stains is by washing them with bleach.But before using bleach, ensure you first check the clothes for ??do not bleach’ warnings. Additionally, doing a spot test on them might also be good after having mixed the water solution and bleach detergent to make sure they won’t fade.

Alternatively, you may wash your clothes using a bleaching detergent like Clorox or Oxiclean.

How to wash with bleach:

1. Put your clothes inside the washing machine then add a laundry detergent.

2. The washing machine having filled up with water, add a cup or so of bleach (or any other amount as per the bleach label).
3. Let the washing machine run as normal.
4. When you see the colors fading, remove the clothes and ensure they’re rinsed well.

Alternatively your clothes can also be soaked in bleach as follows:
1. Use a suitable concentration of bleach in a gallon of water as per the bleach’s label.

2. Soak the clothes in the formed solution for few hours, making sure the colors don’t fade.
3. Having soaked them, wash them in the washing machine using laundry detergent as you usually would.

Vinegar- another excellent alternative.
Normally, vinegar is known to kill 82% of all mold species including that which grows on clothes. Moreover, it can remove the undesirable moldy smell from your clothes.
How to use vinegar with water:

1. Firstly, put your clothes into the washing machine together with detergent and let it fill with water.
2. Then add a cup (or two) of vinegar to it.
3. Leave the washing machine to run as it would normally do.

Alternatively, you can soak your clothes in vinegar as follows:
1. Soak your clothes in a solution made of a cup of vinegar (white) in a bucket of water for an hour or so.
2. Having soaked the clothes, wash them using laundry detergent in the washing machine so as to wash away the mold together with the vinegar.
3. For thorough and complete results, you may repeat the process.

Using Borax- an effective natural mold killer
Borax is another effective product to alleviate all molds without emitting toxic fumes. You can buy it in powder form or as a detergent.
How to wash your clothes using borax:

1. To start, put the clothes into the washing machine together with laundry detergent.
2. Thoroughly dissolve the borax detergent (about half a cup) in hot water.
3. The washing machine having filled up, add the borax solution into it
4. Leave the washing machine to run through as normal.

Lemon Juice for mold stains.

How to go about it:
1. Apply lemon juice onto the mold stains on your clothes. You may also sprinkle some salt on it for extra effectiveness.
2. Leave the clothes to dry in the sun.
3. Then rinse them followed by laundering as usual.

As already mentioned, mold on clothes is a common problem that needs prompt attention. And with these remedies provided including others such as using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as per the directions provided, you’re guaranteed of restoring your clothes to their former state or better.

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