A look at the best way to clean area carpets

A clean area carpet is a popular and stylish accessory in many homes. It beautifies a home, making it cozy and inviting. However, area carpets are exposed to remarkable wear and tear on a daily basis. This is because they trap dirt, dust, mud oils and odors due to pet accidents, heavy foot traffic, spills and cigarette ash. A proper cleaning and maintenance routine will prolong the carpets life, thus preventing premature wear. Below is a look at the best way to clean area carpets.

The materials needed include water and hose, mild rug shampoo or dish detergent, a bucket, a squeegee and a soft-bristled brush. Testing for colorfastness is important. The last thing someone wants to do when trying to clean an area carpet is to ruin it. Therefore, the first step involves checking to ensure the solution being used to clean the carpet does not make it fade. Then, a few handfuls of the rug shampoo or dish detergent are added to a bucket full of warm water. Alternatively, an individual can follow the instruction for mixing the rug

shampoo found on the bottle. It is advisable to test the solution on a tiny corner of the area carpet to make sure that it does not make it fade. If the rug is colorfast, then one can move to the next step.

Using the soft-bristled brush, the detergent mixture or shampoo is scrubbed in the carpet in a way that lather is formed. The solution should be allowed to sit on the carpet for a few minutes. The owner will then rinse the carpet of the solution and lather with the hose. It is important to ensure that all the soap suds are removed.

The next step involves squeezing as much water as possible from the carpet using a squeegee. Caution should be exercised to work only in the direction of the carpet

Once the excess water has been removed, the area carpet should be laid flat to let the top side dry. As soon as the top side is dry, the carpet is flipped over to allow the bottom side to dry. One should ensure it is completely dry before returning it to the house. In case the fibers of the carpet compacted in the course of the cleaning process, a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner can be used to loosen them up.

The above tips offer the best way to clean area carpets. Easy Life laundry offers you professional carpet cleaning services.

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