Accessing Quality And Pocket Friendly Dry Cleaning Service in Shanghai

Saving cash on everyday or regular service needs is an important step towards personal financial management. While you may only save a small amount each time you pay for a service, the accumulated savings are eventually substantial due to the high frequency with which you pay for the service. Dry cleaning is one of such service. Every person needs to clean clothes on a regular basis. In Shanghai, dry cleaning is a regular thing that people in working environments find themselves spending lots of cash on. Finding a dry cleaning service provider offering relatively cheap and quality dry cleaning will go a long way to saving you money and ensuring that your clothes get the kind of care they deserve.

There is a wide variety of dry cleaning service providers to choose from in Shanghai. These include hotels, local small scale shops, and large specialty shops among others. As a customer,
price and service quality are the most important differences you are bound to notice among the many dry cleaning service providers in the city. Shops charging low prices often offer low quality services which may be detrimental to the preservation of your clothing. On the other hand, many shops offering high quality dry cleaning charge exorbitant prices. In light of this, finding the right service provider involves striking a balance between price and service quality.


Rather, they wash the clothes in water, hang them in the sun and then press them. In so doing, these businesses save on costs to increase profit margins. Small shops typically operating with one dry cleaning machine are the common culprits in this category.

Working dry cleaning machines are expensive to buy and manage. Consequently most of the small shops cannot afford to maintain operations with such machines. Most of the machines you will see in these shops are either non-operational or they are never used at all. While they may present the cheapest option, such service providers end up costing you more by ruining your clothing.

Often, people go through middle men such as building management to do their dry cleaning. If you are ever busy, this may seem like a good option since you do not have to go through the hassle of looking for a service provider, taking the clothes to the shop and picking them later on. However, these arrangement does not give the best value for money in most cases. The middle man will definitely charge you for the service.

In Shanghai, such middle men keep between 30-50% of what you part with as their compensation. In light of this, whatever reaches the actual service provider is much less. Therefore, it is highly likely that your clothes will end up in one of those mediocre shops around town that wash clothes instead of dry cleaning. In this case, you make a double loss since you pay more for low quality services that may ruin your clothes.

Among the many dry cleaning service provider options in Shanghai, hotels are by far the most reliable in terms of service quality. Unlike the small local shops, most of the hotels offering dry cleaning services have working machines that are actually used. Therefore, when you seek the service from a hotel you can be sure to get quality dry cleaning services that will preserve your clothing.

However, hotels charge very high prices in general. To most price conscious clients in the city, hotel dry cleaning services are nothing short of exorbitant. While they may offer service quality guarantee, the price is often too high to justify.As a person looking to save money, hotels are definitely out of the question since there are other service providers who offer similar services at a much cheaper price.

The discussion above may leave you wondering, how then do I save money on dry cleaning in Shanghai without compromising the care given to my clothes?

To do this, you need to vet the various service providers available to you, choose one and stick with them for as long as possible. Choosing the right dry cleaner is the most important step. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to conduct an online search. An online search will give you lots of information about different service providers which may overwhelm or confuse you. Follow the step below to arrive at a suitable choice.

1.Search for dry cleaning companies with credible websites or social media presence where other clients have reviewed the services offered.
2. Remember to limit your search to companies near your residence to find a conveniently located service provider where you can easily drop and pick your clothes yourself. Some companies will also offer free pick and drop services to clients located nearby.
2.Browse through client reviews for the available options and choose a few companies with the highest client ratings (many positive reviews).
3.Then compare the prices charged by each to determine which has the most pocket friendly offer.
4.Make a reconnaissance visit to the company you choose before making an order. Among other things, this visit will allow you to confirm that the company is authorized and properly equipped to run a dry cleaning business.

While the process described above may take up a considerable amount of your time, it is necessary if you need to save money on dry cleaning and get quality services. Once you arrive at suitable choice, it is advisable to stick with them for as long as possible. Most of such service providers in Shanghai are friendly people with whom you can easily get acquainted and get to build a good rapport. Since the industry is highly competitive, you are bound to receive discounts and benefit from promotions if you have a long standing relationship with a company.

In addition, some companies will give regular clients special offers as a way of showing appreciation for your loyalty. Bottom line, sticking with one company will help you save some cash in one way or another. You will also avoid the hassle involved in searching for another company that suits your pocket and service quality demands.

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