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Air drying VS Machine Drying : Which Way is Better?

machine drying

machine drying

Traditionally people use a natural method for drying the washed clothes which is air drying, but as the times have changed and we have moved on to more tech-savvy generation, people prefer machine drying which is less time-consuming. But inside all of this discussion, the question arises, what is actually better for clothes, machine drying or air drying? And you have come to the right place to find the answer to this. Honestly, it all depends on the preference and scenarios but here is a comparison between both the methods to help you choose the better one.




• It is a natural method which means you are saving money and energy through air drying.

• There is no excessive wear and tear of clothes. So, you ensure better quality that increases the life of your cloth, so your dress has many more washes to come.
• Simply air drying your clothes won’t put them under excessive straining and tension, so say your goodbye to the wrinkles when you air dry.
• Air drying may leave your clothes a little stiff once they dry, but don’t worry there is a solution to this. By adding a fabric softner at the end of the wash you can definitely avoid this stiffness to a great extent.
• Another reason to choose this method is in case of drying jeans. As mentioned earlier, there is no excessive tension in air drying, hence the jeans do not lose its color and fading is prevented.
• This natural process is not only easy on clothes but also has protective powers. The direct sun rays are very much effective in disinfecting the clothes and leaving them germ-free.


Air drying

Air drying

• On the top of the “cons” list, we have time as a major factor. Air drying is obviously time-consuming and it does not allow you the comfort of fast drying. In urgent situations, forget washing a dress unless you have a machine dryer.

• Another disadvantage arises in specific weathers. For instance, during the monsoon or humid weathers, there is a possibility that your clothes remain damp even after long hours of air drying. And this is not the only loss, the humid weather and damp clothes are home to many many germs and bacterias.
3. You may require a lot of space for air drying.


• First and foremost, it saves a huge amount of your time.
• There are a lot of options available for the best convenience of drying clothes according to the nature of the fabric.
• The clothes are not left stiff as they do in air drying.
• The temperature of the heat can be changed according to the type of cloth you are wanting to dry.
• You can sort your clothes into different categories and dry them accordingly to maintain their quality and prevent wear and tear. This not just saves time but also provides best results.
• As we all know, machine drying means the clothes will be wrinkled, but this too can be avoided to a great extent by using small tricks. Just shaking the cloth well before putting into the dryer can save you lots of wrinkles. Besides, fold or hang them instantly as they are out of the dryer, this too will prevent the wrinkle formation.
• Large loads of clothes can be dried without tiring you much. Plus, there is no need for a large room in order to dry piles of clothes together.
• The best option when the weather is not in the mood to compromise.
• The clothes are not left damp, hence you cut down infections and allergies to some extent.


• Machine drying may come across as too much for delicate fabrics like silk and satin.
• Unlike air drying, here in this method, you have a lot of options for setting the temperature. This also has its drawbacks, you have to set just the right temperature or you’ll ruin the clothes.
• Overloading dryer may cause excessive wear and tear to the clothes that cleary effects the quality of clothes.
• In cases of jeans, machine drying may result in fading of the color because of the synthetic heat and straining.
This was the comparison between air drying and machine drying. Choose what fits the best for you!

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