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A look at the best way to clean area carpets

A clean area carpet is a popular and stylish accessory in many homes. It beautifies a home, making it cozy and inviting. However, area carpets are exposed to remarkable wear and tear on a daily basis. This is because they trap dirt, dust, mud oils and odors due to pet accidents, heavy foot traffic, spills […]

Dry Cleaning or Machine Wash Guidline

1, Before washing any garment, it is critical to know whether it is suitable for dry cleaning or machine wash. Dry cleaning involves use of a non-water based solvent. There are several solvents that are used. However, tetrachloroethylene industrially known as “perc” is the most common. The items will be taken to a dry-cleaning expert. […]

Here is how to remove cosmetic stains on your clothes

It’s normally very devastating when your clothes get stained by the cosmetics you use. This becomes worst when the cosmetic stain is on your favorites. Imagine wearing a white shirt or blouse having a red lipstick stain on it. Clothing experts have done thorough research to get a remedy to this issue since your attire […]

How dry cleaning is done

Dry cleaning refers to any procedure by which clothes and textile items are cleaned without the use of water. This might seem counter-intuitive to most of us who have been conditioned to consider water an essential component of any cleansing process, but advancements in technology and the chemical sciences make this possible. Following is the […]

How to Clean your luxury clothing without damage

You might be wondering why many people opt for dry cleaning services? Well, there are many benefits for opting to this type of specialized cleaning. Dry cleaning process involves use of solvent but not water and detergent. Use of solvent in cleaning will help preserve your clothing’s that react with water or friction. A number […]