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Zero Wast Eco-Friendly dry cleaning service

Easy life laundry brochure

Easy life laundry brochure

Zero waste dry cleaning is the process where clothing & textiles are washed using ‘green’ biodegradable chemical solvents, rather than water. The system is used to sanitize delicate fabrics which otherwise cannot withstand the rough tumble of a typical washing machine or clothes dryer, it can as well substitute labor-intensive hand washing chores.
The process
Garments are first placed inside the extraction chamber of a machine, commonly referred to as ‘drum’ or ‘basket.’ This washing chamber typically contains a horizontal, holed drum which rotates around an outer shell. The casing holds onto the solvent while its rotating drum supports the garment load. Its overall basket capacity is somewhere between 10 and 40 kg.
During a washing cycle, the compartment will be filled with approximately 1/3 of green solvent then made to rotate. Temperatures are maintained at approximately 30 degrees Celsius, since higher temperature can potentially damage the fabric. The solution is then removed and sent into a distillation unit that consists of a boiler & condenser. Compressed solvent is then fed into another chamber where any remaining moisture content is removed for good, so that the zero waster eco-friendly dry cleaning service for you goes as planned. Continue reading

why organic dry cleaning is best for your garment

easy life laundry

easy life laundry

When it comes to dry cleaning, most people just drop off their clothes at the dry cleaner without any concern of what happens to them. You might have probably noticed a faint smell that emanates from the freshly cleaned clothes. Most people don’t worry about the smell but in the real sense, it should shake you to the bone because it is a health risk. That is the smell of perchloroethylene (perc), a volatile organic compound, which is a widely used dry cleaning solvent and a continuous exposure to it is believed to cause cancer, kidney damage and liver disease. Even those insignificant exposures are believed to cause dizziness, skin irritation, nausea and headaches. It is because of these dangerous side effects of perc, that most states have adopted alternative organic solvents to be used in dry cleaning.There for, choosing organic dry cleaning is best for your garment and health.


Despite the fact that perc is an organic compound, it is very volatile and is not viable to be used as dry cleaning solvent. It also has numerous health risks and alternative non-toxic dry cleaning solvents are a necessary and essential option. To this effect, professional wet cleaning and liquid carbon dioxide cleaning have been adopted as safe and effective options which have no health concerns. These solvents also help in garment preservation making your clothes last longer. Continue reading

Same day affordable laundry service in shanghai



As your work schedule becomes busier day by day, you often feel the pressure of not being able to fit all your priorities within 24 hours. No one can blame you if you’re struggling to accomplish everything in so little time. This is where we come in. Easy Life Dry Cleaning has been around since 2012 and have since been offering affordable yet quality services for the people of Shanghai, China. Coming to work for an important meeting or doing a presentation in front of your colleagues requires you to dress accordingly. Whenever you’re going to an important event for example birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, you always want to look your best. Even if you’re just traveling around Shanghai, you’re welcome to avail of our services. We have had foreign customers who were very pleased with the results of our dry cleaning.

Here at Easy Life, we don’t only care about your clothes. Your well being is our topmost priority. The traditional way of dry cleaning involves using Perchloroethylene (PERC) which is the most common solvent used by other dry cleaning companies. However, there are a lot of health risks that you may not know about regarding PERC. It has a lingering scent that is left on your clothes after it’s been completely dry cleaned. You may think that you’re okay with its faint smell but let us inform you that it can actually make you sick. The minor effects can cause dizziness, skin irritation, and headaches. According to experts, Continue reading

Online dry cleaning quick pick up and drop off in shanghai



The 21st century cosmopolitan life well furnished with the urban amenities and pleasures have created a “standard of living” for each one across the globe to live in according to how you want . Even though the phrase can imply different connotations to different section of people, but it has certain basic components that are essential or are common everywhere. For instance, the element of dry cleaning is essential to every family leading a posh city life. In fact no household can imagine life without proper cleaning services and it forms a part of basic hygiene and cleanliness at home. Therefore, finding a quality and authentic dry cleaning and laundry service provider, such as Easy Life Dry Cleaning is essential to maintain a quality standard of living and add some value to it.

When it comes to arrive at a comparative analysis of the cost and standard of living across the popular cities in the world, the majority would cast their vote for New York. It is as if taken for granted that the New Yorkers are the only ones that record the highest billing when it comes to urban living. An accurate reality check would reveal that the costs incurred in Shanghai are no less than New York. The quality of life index in Shanghai gets a rate of 94.98 point which denotes it as high. Continue reading

Important facts about carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

Enjoy Carpet Cleaning provides a valuable service, as we are ready to professionally deep clean your area carpets or rugs. Yet, you may wonder when when these items need to be serviced – especially if you aren’t familiar with this topic already. Fortunately, a few simple guidelines can make this process straightforward, allowing you to keep the area carpets and rugs within your home clean at all times. A good rule of thumb is to clean them on a routine basis, while still being mindful that spot cleaning is important as well. How does this work? This simply means that when your carpet appears to be soiled or during periods of heavier than usual traffic, it will need to be serviced immediately. This is in addition to your regular schedule of carpet cleaning, which is necessary to keep it looking good at all times. Continue reading

How to remove sweat stains on your clothes

sweat stains remove

sweat stains remove

Sweat stains can be quite embarrassing when they appear on clothes. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this embarrassment or throw away your clothes just because they have a sweat stain that can’t seem to go away no matter how many times you wash. Before we see how to remove sweat stains on your clothes, let us see how sweat stains come to be.

How sweat stains occur?
There are various factors that contribute to sweat stains. These include;

Sweating profusely can cause stubborn sweat stains. Mild sweating may fail to stain your clothing because the salt content may be low. Heavy sweating carries with it a lot of salt and such other waste that causes a stain on your clothing.

Sweating may also attract dirt since it is wet. A good example is where you already have a patch of sweat on your clothing and you are in a dusty environment. The dirt may stick to the sweat and form a stain.z Continue reading

How to remove ironing marks off your clothes

how to remove iron mark

how to remove iron mark

Ever decided to iron that blouse or t-shirt of yours and ended up giving it an ironing scorch mark instead? It can be a very nasty mistake, spoiling your favorite piece of clothes unless you do something about it. Let’s talk about this in more details. First off, how does the ironing mark happen?

Well, you can answer that. Getting distracted while ironing and leaving the iron on your t-shirt for a bit too long can end up burning it. On the other hand, there’s also using a temperature that’s too high for the kind of fabric you’re ironing. Remember that some types of fabric are stronger than others and can withstand higher temperatures, while certain fabrics are quite sensitive to heat and need extra care when dealing with them. But you’re probably asking yourself now, “Are all my clothes so sensitive?” Well, the answer is probably not. Although any kind of clothing is quite prune to getting such a nasty mark at one point or the other, some fabrics are more vulnerable than others.

Continue reading

How to remove grease and pigment stains on clothes

remove painting stains

remove painting stains

Have you stained your new shirt with grease while you were under your car by changing the oil? Did you leave your lip balm in the pocket of your pants and wash them in the washing-machine? If you had the bad luck to spot a garment, you have ways to counter it. The following procedure will allow you to remove stains on your clothing and ensure that they remain flawless.

Regardless of whether it is a grease stain or paint, there is definitely a way to remove it using one or several methods listed below:

Method to remove grease stains:

Use your thumb to rub the stain with a small amount of detergent to wash dishes by hand and water. When the detergent starts to froth, pick up an old toothbrush and start rubbing the stain using circular motions. You should rub the stain from both sides of the fabric (eg, inside a shirt and out of it).

Wash the garment with laundry detergent alone. Follow the cleaning instructions on the garment label to the letter. When the garment is ready to dry, let it go outdoors. If you dry it in an overheated dryer, this could cause any remaining oil or grease to attach to the garment. Continue reading

How to get rid of stubborn blood stains



Injuries are very common in life. Everyone would have suffered some sort of an injury in life leading to loss of blood. This blood can fall on the clothes, carpets, rugs, and the floor as well. The human blood has a natural ingredient that enables it to clot on its own when exposed to the atmospheric oxygen. This property of the blood prevents us from bleeding to death. The blood follows the same principle even when it spills over the fabric. It will coagulate and clot. This may cause the blood to spread over the fabric staining it in the bargain. Through this passage, we shall see how to remove bloodstains from fabrics as well as other places.

The ingredients of the blood stain:

The blood is actually not a liquid in the scientific sense. It is an emulsion. An emulsion contains solid particles suspended in the liquid. The blood contains red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles, and the platelets. The human blood or for that matter any blood has a tendency to dry quickly. As it dries, it coagulates and hence clots. Continue reading