How to get rid of stubborn blood stains

Injuries are very common in life. Everyone would have suffered some sort of an injury in life leading to loss of blood. This blood can fall on the clothes, carpets, rugs, and the floor as well. The human blood has a natural ingredient that enables it to clot on its own when exposed to the […]

How to remove grease and pigment stains on clothes

Have you stained your new shirt with grease while you were under your car by changing the oil? Did you leave your lip balm in the pocket of your pants and wash them in the washing-machine? If you had the bad luck to spot a garment, you have ways to counter it. The following procedure […]

Important facts about carpet cleaning

WHEN SHOULD I BE CLEANING MY CARPET? Enjoy Carpet Cleaning provides a valuable service, as we are ready to professionally deep clean your area carpets or rugs. Yet, you may wonder when when these items need to be serviced – especially if you aren’t familiar with this topic already. Fortunately, a few simple guidelines can […]

Online dry cleaning quick pick up and drop off in shanghai

The 21st century cosmopolitan life well furnished with the urban amenities and pleasures have created a “standard of living” for each one across the globe to live in according to how you want . Even though the phrase can imply different connotations to different section of people, but it has certain basic components that are […]

Same day affordable laundry service in shanghai

As your work schedule becomes busier day by day, you often feel the pressure of not being able to fit all your priorities within 24 hours. No one can blame you if you’re struggling to accomplish everything in so little time. This is where we come in. Easy Life Dry Cleaning has been around since […]

Zero Wast Eco-Friendly dry cleaning service

Zero waste dry cleaning is the process where clothing & textiles are washed using ‘green’ biodegradable chemical solvents, rather than water. The system is used to sanitize delicate fabrics which otherwise cannot withstand the rough tumble of a typical washing machine or clothes dryer, it can as well substitute labor-intensive hand washing chores. The process […]

Free beers for using our laundry service

Easy life laundry cooperate with Brander Urstoff for gaving away free beers, limited quantities! Contact fast to get 2 bottles for free with your laundry delivered. Brander Urstoff cooperates with EasyLifeLaundry and you can get one of 120 impossibly fresh beer giveaways. Scan the EasyLifeLaundry QR code below and leave the following message: “I want Brander Urstoff”. You will have the chance […]

6 care tips for leather jacket cleaning

The length of time for wear a leather clothes has no direct relationship with the price itself ! If we don’t know how to take good care of it, it will shorten the lifespan of your lovely leather jacket.Not only will the color fade, but the cortex will also be oxidized and if the care […]

How to Hand Wash Your Silk Garment at home Step by Step

Although the invention of washing machines made lives truly easier, there are certain things the machine can never do as well as a human can. This is certainly the case with hand washing and machine washing garments. When it comes to washing gentle clothes, a washing machine may shrink them and completely ruin the garments. […]

The Best Way to Clean a Wedding Dress at Home: A Step by Step Guide

Many people might be choose the following holidays, 8 days holidays for The Chinese National Day and the Middle Autumn Festvial for their wedding days,  and abviously that  day you probably cherish the most, your wedding day! It is a day you would never want to ever have its memories fade away. The wedding dress […]