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How to get rid of stubborn blood stains

Injuries are very common in life. Everyone would have suffered some sort of an injury in life leading to loss of blood. This blood can fall on the clothes, carpets, rugs, and the floor as well. The human blood has a natural ingredient that enables it to clot on its own when exposed to the atmospheric oxygen. This property of the blood prevents us from bleeding to death. The blood follows the same principle even when it spills over the fabric. It will coagulate and clot. This may cause the blood to spread over the fabric staining it in the bargain. Through this passage, we shall see how to remove bloodstains from fabrics as well as other places.

The ingredients of the blood stain:

The blood is actually not a liquid in the scientific sense. It is an emulsion. An emulsion contains solid particles suspended in the liquid. The blood contains red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles, and the platelets. The human blood or for that matter any blood has a tendency to dry quickly. As it dries, it coagulates and hence clots.

This clotting of the blood results in the blood droplets sticking to the surface where you find the spill. It could be the floor or the fabric. In case it falls on the floor, you can wipe it clean before it dries. However, you will not be able to do so in the case of fabrics. The blood droplet will permeate into the fibers of the fabric and spread itself as it dries.

This causes a stain. However, you can remove such stains using certain materials. We shall see what these materials are during the course of this article. However, you should understand an important aspect. You should always use cold water to wipe bloodstains. Hard water will set the stains making it practically impossible to remove.

How to remove bloodstains:

We shall see some common methods of removing bloodstains.

1. Soap and water:

This is the traditional way of removing bloodstains. This method works best on cotton or linen clothes. In case you have woolen clothing, it becomes harder to remove the stain.

? Turn the clothes upside down. Place the garment under running water for some time. Always remember to use cold water. The loose stains would wash away easily. The harder stains would remain.

? Turn over the garment so that you face the stain side. Rub a detergent soap over the bloodstain to work up a good lather.

? Hold the garment in both your hands and start rubbing the stains against each other. This will enable the stains to stick to the lather, rather than sticking back to the cloth.

? Wash it and rinse the fabric. In the case of stubborn stains, you can repeat the procedure.

2. Meat tenderizer:

? You can find the meat tenderizer in almost all the grocery stores. The proteins in the meat tenderizer have the capacity of dissolving the bloodstains paving the way for their removal.

? Get some unseasoned meat tenderizer and add water to make a thick paste.

? Apply the paste over the stain, rub it using your fingers, and wait for about half an hour at least.

? Rinse the fabric with cold water and air-dry your clothes.

3. Enzymatic cleaner:

? This is a good way of removing the bloodstains. Soak the blood stained cloth in cold water. Add a few drops of the enzyme cleaner to the water.

? Let it soak for some time. Deeper stains require longer soaking period.

? Wash normally and put the clothes out to dry in the sun.

4. Lemon:

? You would be able to wash smaller clothes using lemon. After submerging the fabric in cold water for a few minutes, you have to squeeze them dry.


? Put the fabric in a zip lock cover big enough to accommodate the fabric. Add a few drops of raw lemon juice into the bag. Seal the bag and gently rub it from the outside, concentrating on the areas where you find the stains.

? Leave it for some time. Remove the fabric and dry it in the sun. Once dry, you can check for the stains.

? Now wash the fabric in normal water to remove the lemon salts.

We have seen some very simple methods of removing bloodstains. We shall now move over to the harsher methods.

5. Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide can work on fresh stains very well. You can apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain and rinse it under water. The stain will disappear. You may have to launder your clothes subsequently.

6. Vinegar or Ammonia:

Both ammonia and vinegar has use for cleaning bloodstains. You should pour vinegar directly over the stain. On allowing it to soak for about 20 minutes, you can blot the fabric dry. Similarly, you can use ammonia as well. However, you should send the clothes to the laundry thereafter.

7. Cornstarch or talcum powder:

Using talcum powder is also a good option for removing bloodstains from clothing as well as furniture and flooring. You can also use corn flour for this purpose. You should ensure to make a paste of these powders by mixing it with adequate quantities of water. Apply the paste on the stains and allow it to dry. You can brush them away later on.

8. Salt and water:

You will be surprised to know that common salt has the power of removing bloodstains. You should use a solution of common salt and cold water and soak the blood stained clothes in it for about 4 to 5 hours. You can rub the stains with any detergent after the soak.

You have seen eight ways by which you can remove the bloodstains. These methods have been tried and tested over the years.

A tip to share:

However, we shall share with you another tip. In case you are outdoors and not able to have access to any of these methods to wipe out the bloodstains, the simple cola can do the trick. You can soak the blood stained clothes in the cola solution overnight and wash it the first thing in the morning.


You have to admit that bloodstains differ from other kinds of stains. They require a different kind of treatment. However, you should always remember two things.

? Clean the stain when it is fresh before it dries out.

? Never use hot water to clean the stains.

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How to remove grease and pigment stains on clothes

Have you stained your new shirt with grease while you were under your car by changing the oil? Did you leave your lip balm in the pocket of your pants and wash them in the washing-machine? If you had the bad luck to spot a garment, you have ways to counter it. The following procedure will allow you to remove stains on your clothing and ensure that they remain flawless.

Regardless of whether it is a grease stain or paint, there is definitely a way to remove it using one or several methods listed below:

Method to remove grease stains:

Use your thumb to rub the stain with a small amount of detergent to wash dishes by hand and water. When the detergent starts to froth, pick up an old toothbrush and start rubbing the stain using circular motions. You should rub the stain from both sides of the fabric (eg, inside a shirt and out of it).

Wash the garment with laundry detergent alone. Follow the cleaning instructions on the garment label to the letter. When the garment is ready to dry, let it go outdoors. If you dry it in an overheated dryer, this could cause any remaining oil or grease to attach to the garment.

Instead of using detergent, you can also cover the garment with some multipurpose oil or lighter fluid. Multipurpose oil is effective in removing stains on some surfaces, such as some lighter fluids. Let the multi-purpose oil or lighter fluid sit on the garment for 20 minutes. Rinse the multi-purpose oil or lighter fluid by soaking the garment in hot water.

Method for Paint Stains:

· Use water: It is safe to use water on almost all fabrics, but is mainly useful for avoiding fixation. It can greatly lower the action of dye stains such as (hair dye, lipstick, etc.), but it will take a long time to dive for it to be effective on grease or oils. You will most likely need a stronger cleaning product than water to remove most stains.

· Use of salt. This is important as it can be effective in removing a stain when applied on top of it. This works on various blemishes, including blood, red wine and others.

· Use of hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is effective in reducing pigment stains, such as lipstick or grass. It should, however, be noted that it does not work well on grease.

· Bleach: Chlorine bleach alone is safe on white fabrics, and usually only on cotton.

remove Grease and pigment stains
remove Grease and pigment stains

· Glycerin : Use glycerin on ink stains and dyes. Glycerin removes stains from fabrics and is usually found in commercial bar stain removers.

· Mineral spirits: Mineral spirits are ideal for removing grease stains, such as paint, tar, asphalt and grease for machinery. Mineral alcohols should only be used on resistant fabrics.

· Use cleansing enzymes: Cleansing enzymes are found in commercial cleansers and are safe to use in inorganic fibers such as cotton. Usually, these cleansers are used to remove organic stains, such as blood, egg yolk, sweat, , urine, etc.

After completing all the previous methods, immediately place your garment in the washing machine or thoroughly wash it by hand. This will cause both the solvent and the stain to rinse completely from the fabric, leaving the garment flawless.

Warning: Never wash and dry the garment until, first, you try to remove the stain.

Important facts about carpet cleaning

Enjoy Carpet Cleaning provides a valuable service, as we are ready to professionally deep clean your area carpets or rugs. Yet, you may wonder when when these items need to be serviced – especially if you aren’t familiar with this topic already. Fortunately, a few simple guidelines can make this process straightforward, allowing you to keep the area carpets and rugs within your home clean at all times. A good rule of thumb is to clean them on a routine basis, while still being mindful that spot cleaning is important as well. How does this work? This simply means that when your carpet appears to be soiled or during periods of heavier than usual traffic, it will need to be serviced immediately. This is in addition to your regular schedule of carpet cleaning, which is necessary to keep it looking good at all times.


As mentioned above, servicing your carpets on a set schedule is critical, if you wish to keep this surface clean and free of dirt or debris. While there is no one size fits all solution in this regard, the correct cleaning frequency will depend upon a number of different factors. For example, if you have a large household, this means much more foot traffic – and more dirt tracked upon and into your carpets as well. Having Enjoy Carpet Cleaning service them two to three month per time is a good starting point, as this should be enough to keep your carpets in good condition over time. Another strategy is to require that shoes be removed at the door, which can considerably lessen the amount of dirt which is tracked into your home. Even so, it is recommended that you clean your area carpets or rugs about two to three moneh per time, to avoid allowing dirt from becoming ingrained within the carpet’s fibers. Why is this important? Dirt upon the surface of the fibers is far easier to remove. However, if this surface dirt is trod upon for too long, it can become ground into the fibers and become more difficult to remove.

The Benefits of Cleaning Carpet?
Though you may enjoy the satisfaction that cleaning your area carpets and rugs can bring, there are also many other benefits for performing this task. These include prevention of ground in dirt – which can permanently stain or discolor your carpet and also cause premature wear. For this reason, regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpet, and preserve its appearance and integrity as well. All of these are excellent reasons to choose Easy Life Carpet Cleaning service to do the job right, as this will keep your home’s flooring looking good for many years to come.

Online dry cleaning quick pick up and drop off in shanghai

The 21st century cosmopolitan life well furnished with the urban amenities and pleasures have created a “standard of living” for each one across the globe to live in according to how you want . Even though the phrase can imply different connotations to different section of people, but it has certain basic components that are essential or are common everywhere. For instance, the element of dry cleaning is essential to every family leading a posh city life. In fact no household can imagine life without proper cleaning services and it forms a part of basic hygiene and cleanliness at home. Therefore, finding a quality and authentic dry cleaning and laundry service provider, such as Easy Life Dry Cleaning is essential to maintain a quality standard of living and add some value to it.

When it comes to arrive at a comparative analysis of the cost and standard of living across the popular cities in the world, the majority would cast their vote for New York. It is as if taken for granted that the New Yorkers are the only ones that record the highest billing when it comes to urban living. An accurate reality check would reveal that the costs incurred in Shanghai are no less than New York. The quality of life index in Shanghai gets a rate of 94.98 point which denotes it as high.

Shanghai being the most westernized city in China is sparkling with lifestyle options like shopping malls, cultural and themed restaurants, grocery stores, health clubs and spas, public conveyance systems and many more that are priced at both steep and affordable rates. Not every time Shanghai residents get the chance to save money on the basic essentials of lifestyle costs. And dry cleaning and laundry services also form part of the lifestyle expense list.

Also with both men and women are working professionals in Shanghai, they hardly are able to make time for making it to the laundry or getting the household belongings cleaned regularly. Yet laundry and cleaning is something that cannot be averted else it might lead to low quality hygiene resulting in poor health and life quality. Therefore, if there’s an option for the Shanghai residents to join hands with an expert online dry cleaner in Shanghai that offers both quality services and affordable prices, it’s a great bonus and the best offer. This would help the Shanghaites maintain their daily life flow and not be worried about the cleaning bit that needs to be taken care of on a daily basis.Life is better only when it is enjoyed.

Being China’s most advanced and westernized city Shanghai offers its residents the best cleaning and laundry services. But to search for a service provider is the most difficult job to do. Since digitization rules today, it’s natural that you’ll find the popular and quality service providers online. Type in online dry cleaner in Shanghai in Google search and you’ll be welcomed with a volley of options, which is great. But to browse, scroll and finally select one becomes a laborious task. Given the sea of options it might also be never ending.

In addition to that, everyone would want a laundry and cleaning company that understands their distinctive requirements and does the job well within the committed time. The criteria in terms of a cleaning service provider in Shanghai include the following must-haves:

The company should be professional and practice authentic business practices.
The services should be of great quality so that there is no room for complaints.
The company should be trustworthy
The price rate should be affordable.
The company should be able to cater to all the individual and specific needs.

Keeping all these points in mind, the company that can accommodate it all and provide excellent cleaning and laundry services in Shanghai is Easy Life Dry Cleaning.

Welcome to Easy Life Dry Cleaning

Keeping in mind the fast and busy lives people lead in Shanghai, having access to a professional cleaning service partner is not easy. With Easy Life Dry Cleaning by your side life becomes simple and easy.

We are came into existence back in 2012 with a core objective of offering specialized laundry and dry cleaning service in the city of Shanghai. The company believes in quality services and that is why it makes use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products to clean your garments, carpets and shoes and keep the quality of these commodities. The idea is to take the meteor chunk of your responsibility in terms of cleaning so that you don’t have to stress at all in anyways whether your carpet is cleaned well or your shoes are still dirty.

We are a conglomeration of professional people that are united through this association that deploys the best and advanced dry cleaning techniques. Other being an active service partner to many families and individuals in Shanghai, the company is constantly in an endeavour to elevate its service quality and levels. This is the reason why the company is researching on the changing trends in cleaning in this new age in order to stay updated with the latest techniques so that it can provide maximum consumer delight.

That is not all. We also wants to add in an element of uniqueness and know the way it’s impacting the lives of their clients. Hence, we welcomes all the scopes and means through which it can hear from its audience and prospective client list. Should there be something that that clients would want to share with the company they can write at the company’s official email id. Other than questions, feel free to write in suggestions and comments so that the company use the same to enhance its level of services and do better with every passing day.

Service Timings

Easy Life Dry Cleaning works on a system of call up, place a service request, pick up and then a delivery time. Based on that interested online customers can place their requests by calling in any time between 10:00 am in the morning to 11:00pm in late evening, all week long from Monday to Sunday. That means the company has you covered.

Advanced Cleaning and Laundry Services to Avail
Like any esteemed and expert online dry cleaner in Shanghai this company too provides you with a wide selection of cleaning and laundry services that would cover mostly all the requirements that you have. Therefore, whether you are residing in Shanghai permanently or are here for an assignment on a temporary basis, you can leverage from its host of services that you can browse through as well as book online. Some of the innovative services the company offers are:

High quality dry cleaning services: It is evident that if you are a working professional then you would be having clothing or accessories such as scarves or cloaks that need to be washed through dry cleaning only. This company provides excellent and the best quality dry cleaning services that uses premium quality cleaning solvents and solutions that do a good job with your garments. Your clothes are cleaned in the best way and there are no unwanted effects like cloth shrinking, discoloration or fabric damage. Your clothes have a smooth, washed and classy clean look that you’ll love to sport.
Professional carpet cleaning services: Almost every household in Shanghai has carpets. That aside the city is home to several people that are inclined artistically and love to buy Persian and Moroccan rugs and carpet as their collection. Getting a carpet cleaned manually is a laborious task. The company provides both wet and dry cleaning services for carpets. The wet cleaning technique followed by the company is a industry suggested technique that uses the required chemicals to extract out the dirt and leave the carpet empty. Similarly, the dry cleaning technique followed is also distinctive and beneficial.
Bulk laundry services: This is an acute need for most people residing in Shanghai. Through this service the company takes care of all the cleaning and laundry requirements of an individual. From the t-shirts, trousers, active wears, towels, pajamas and the stoles and scarves and anything that needs cleaning gets cleaned through this service. Whether the bulk laundry comprises of adult clothes or kids clothes or a combination of both, the company effectively takes care of this by cleaning all the items appropriately so that there is no dirt left and also that the quality of the item is not altered in any way.
Shoes cleaning service: Every working professional has a collection of shoes! The formal loafers or the gum boots to the flip flops and the moccasins. Each shoe has their own specific requirements based on the material with which they are composed of. For instance, a moccasin will need to be cleaned differently than a formal, leather shoe. This is exactly what the company does. It has a clear understand of which shoe material needs to be cleaned with what technique and it ensures that it gets done in the most perfect way so that there’s no room for complaints.
Leather jacket cleaning service: Male or female, leather is something that most individuals own in Shanghai. It’s not just for the winters but also for various styling purposes. However, a leather jacket demands special attention and care and thereby proper cleaning for it to maintain its surface sheen, rich texture and the classy look. Easy Life Dry Cleaning offers its customers with excellent and high-quality suede and leather cleaning services where gentle and effective techniques are used to clean your leather jackets so that they are nor tampered in any which way.

Other cleaning services to avail

Discussed above are the basic services that most household and individual in Shanghai would require from time to time. However, that aside there can be other special requirements from customers. This company doesn’t upset its customers and provides a series of cleaning and laundry services that also comprises of curtain, house bedding, handbag and wedding dress cleaning. And that’s not all. There’s another service that will delight the customers is the specialized clothes repair and alteration services. Any minor tailoring work that customers have, the company can take care keeping the fabric quality intact.

With a volley of cleaning and laundry service providers available all over in Shanghai people can often wonder about the benefits of joining hands with Easy Life Dry Cleaning to choose this name over others. The benefits are multiple. However, listed below are the prominent ones.

We are a one-stop solution for every cleaning and laundry services that anyone would need in Shanghai.
We are a quality service provider that ensures all the cleaning requirements are met in a specialized way so that be it the apparels or the carpets are cleaned in the best possible way.
Customers can call online and book their services and can also get a promotional discount of 10% which can allow them to save big.
Customers can share their suggestions and comments anytime with the company.
The company used only high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that would be friendly on the fabrics that are being washed and cleaned.
Customers can call in and place their service requests and expect timely pick-up and delivery.
As a leading online dry cleaner in Shanghai this company offers complete value for money. That means though the price rate is kept competitive but it is nonetheless affordable for the customers.

Live it easy and seamless in Shanghai

Shanghai life sure has its own challenges and battles. However, when a major aspect like cleaning and laundry is met well by joining hands with a popular service provider, life tends to become simple and easy. As a prominent online dry cleaner in Shanghai, Easy Life Dry Cleaning is the best thing that can happen to anyone that is working towards making the daily life less stressed and more comfortable by having the cleaning part organized. So make the right move now!

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Same day affordable laundry service in shanghai

As your work schedule becomes busier day by day, you often feel the pressure of not being able to fit all your priorities within 24 hours. No one can blame you if you’re struggling to accomplish everything in so little time. This is where we come in. Easy Life Dry Cleaning has been around since 2012 and have since been offering affordable yet quality services for the people of Shanghai, China. Coming to work for an important meeting or doing a presentation in front of your colleagues requires you to dress accordingly. Whenever you’re going to an important event for example birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, you always want to look your best. Even if you’re just traveling around Shanghai, you’re welcome to avail of our services. We have had foreign customers who were very pleased with the results of our dry cleaning.

Here at Easy Life, we don’t only care about your clothes. Your well being is our topmost priority. The traditional way of dry cleaning involves using Perchloroethylene (PERC) which is the most common solvent used by other dry cleaning companies. However, there are a lot of health risks that you may not know about regarding PERC. It has a lingering scent that is left on your clothes after it’s been completely dry cleaned. You may think that you’re okay with its faint smell but let us inform you that it can actually make you sick. The minor effects can cause dizziness, skin irritation, and headaches. According to experts, continuous exposure to PERC can cause major diseases such as cancer, kidney problems, and liver problems. These are very dangerous to your health. At Easy Life we are proud to say that we only use organic materials. In this way, you are assured that you’re getting the high quality service that you deserve without any health risks involved.

Our services include a same day delivery policy. Since we are open from Mondays to Sundays (10AM-10:30PM) you’ll always get your clothes on time without any hassle. We take very good care of your garments and we pride ourselves with the quality of service we offer to our customers. We do our best to cater to everyone’s needs to ensure that your clothes look perfectly clean after they’ve been pressed. Easy Life Dry Cleaning is your partner in fulfilling your day to day priorities. Our expertise will help you take cleaning your clothes off your mind so that you can focus on more important things like family, work, and friends. Washing your clothes on your own can take up a lot of time which you can spend doing something else.

Easy Life Dry Cleaning also offers various services that were made to help our customers. We also have an amazing service that only charges 58RMB for every 3KG of garments. This is a very affordable price compared to others in the market. This offer includes items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, underwear, socks, towels, pajamas, and exercise shorts. We recommend that you save up your clothes and send it to us in bulk so that you can save some money. Our customers have given us very positive feedback about our services. We are very grateful that they appreciate the hard work we put into each piece of garment.

But that’s not all. We don’t only offer dry cleaning services for clothes. We also accept carpets, house bedding, curtains, shoes, handbags, wedding dresses, and leather jackets. Our attention to every detail in the dry cleaning process assures you that we are focused on making your clothes perfectly clean. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to check out our website at We have a Live Chat function on our website so that you we can communicate with you as quick as possible. Our prices are very competitive and we do our best to give you the most affordable rates. We are very committed to offering excellence in our services and we hope to hear from you.

Zero Wast Eco-Friendly dry cleaning service

Zero waste dry cleaning is the process where clothing & textiles are washed using ‘green’ biodegradable chemical solvents, rather than water. The system is used to sanitize delicate fabrics which otherwise cannot withstand the rough tumble of a typical washing machine or clothes dryer, it can as well substitute labor-intensive hand washing chores.

The process

Garments are first placed inside the extraction chamber of a machine, commonly referred to as ‘drum’ or ‘basket.’ This washing chamber typically contains a horizontal, holed drum which rotates around an outer shell. The casing holds onto the solvent while its rotating drum supports the garment load. Its overall basket capacity is somewhere between 10 and 40 kg.

During a washing cycle, the compartment will be filled with approximately 1/3 of green solvent then made to rotate. Temperatures are maintained at approximately 30 degrees Celsius, since higher temperature can potentially damage the fabric. The solution is then removed and sent into a distillation unit that consists of a boiler & condenser. Compressed solvent is then fed into another chamber where any remaining moisture content is removed for good, so that the zero waster eco-friendly dry cleaning service for you goes as planned.
Nevertheless, not all stains can convincingly be removed by dry cleaning only. Some would have to be treated with special biodegradable spotting solvents, such as being soaked in special stain-removal liquids before garments are ultimately washed or dry cleaned. Likewise, natural fibers like wool, cotton, or silk of lighter shades shouldn’t be left in dirty/soiled condition for extended periods of time since they tend to absorb dirt in texture, and may therefore be difficult to restore back to their original color form. When done correctly, a single wash cycle will last for approximately 8–15 minutes depending on which type of garment is being cleaned and also the extent of soiling.

How it works

The solvent mixture from washing chamber passes along several filtration steps before being returned back to the final washing chamber. The initial step functions as a button trap, preventing small objects like lint, buttons, fasteners and coins from making their way into the flush pump. Thereafter, the lint is passed through an absorptive casing filter stage made from activated charcoal for removing fine insoluble soil & other non-volatile residues.

Ultimately, the ‘green’ solvent passes through a polishing filter that removes any residual soil particles not previously detached. The now clean solvent is then reverted back to the working-solvent tank for use in another session. The fact that this solvent can be recycled means users will be able to save money, instead of having to buy the same solution over and over again once it gets finished.

Unlike other processes, eco-friendly dry cleaning is a harmless and safe process. For consumers, it also whisks away difficult to clean, delicate garments and returns them to perfect condition in no time. Moreover, customers who regularly dry clean using this technique can positively affect their own indoor air-quality since no toxic contaminants are found here. This product is also considerably cheap compared to other cleaners found in the market, plus the fact that it lasts longer makes zero waster eco-friendly dry cleaning service for you quite popular in the market today.

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6 care tips for leather jacket cleaning

The length of time for wear a leather clothes has no direct relationship with the price itself ! If we don’t know how to take good care of it, it will shorten the lifespan of your lovely leather jacket.Not only will the color fade, but the cortex will also be oxidized and if the care is not good, the leather clothes will be worn out soon!

If you want your leather jacket always looks like now, there are 5 tips you have to be careful as following:

1. Dry cleaning leather clothes at least once a year;
Because the material of the genuine leather, the same as human skin, we need regular care in order to keep the leather moisten to avoid cracking by the daily air dry or oxygenation.If we didn’t apply moisten for the leather, it will become cracking and very hard to recover .

2. no water touched on the leather
We need to avoid any water touched on the leather coat and if its happen by accident, we must dry it immediately after getting wet.Especially if the leather is caught by the rain is wet, make sure to dry with a soft towel.After dried, send it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.

3. The leather garment cannot be folded;
Hang up when you’re not wearing it.If folded up, the wrinkles will occur.So hang it when you’re not wearing it.When hanging, try to hang with a professional strapless hanger, so that the skin and shoulders will have no wriknles.

4. Avoid cleaning with the folk remedies;
Legendary wind oil, toothpaste,or buy a leather conditioner, etc.After using these products, it is easy to corrode leather fabric, and the corroded fabric can hardly be restored to its original shape.

5. Professional leather garment care needs eight processes;
Before the eight nursing process, the professional leather cleaning agent should be cleaned and the professional dry cleaning agent has a special solution to the oil.The washed fur is very clean.After washing, eight more processes are used to care.The eight processes include glazing, making hand feel, nourishing, removing static electricity, making dust-proof, coloring, bright and solid color treatment.There is a gap between the procedures and each process.So the washing time is usually about a week.

6. the conclusion: to keep your leather items looks good and clean, a professional dry cleaning company is highly recommend.

How to Hand Wash Your Silk Garment at home Step by Step

Although the invention of washing machines made lives truly easier, there are certain things the machine can never do as well as a human can. This is certainly the case with hand washing and machine washing garments. When it comes to washing gentle clothes, a washing machine may shrink them and completely ruin the garments. Oftentimes, if colored clothes are not properly separated, clothes can get a gray color which certainly does not look appealing. Even the delicate cycle can be quite damaging to gentle materials. But hand washing is exhausting, and a busy woman of today can hardly set some time aside to do the laundry by hand.


However, sometimes, machine washing your clothes is not desirable. Rather it is best to avoid it completely if you wish to continue wearing that favorite piece of garment for a little while longer. It is not recommendable to machine wash expensive delicate materials, and it is preferable if you hand wash them to preserve their quality, color, and texture as well. All garments are labeled to include washing instructions, one should consider them prior to washing of any kind.


Silk belongs to the variety of materials that we do not recommend washing or drying in a machine under any circumstances. When purchasing a silk garment, one should make sure to acquire proper information about how to handle silk, that is how to wash it and dry it. Unless the label on the silk garment states otherwise, always apply hand washing instead of machine washing. Sometimes, silk garments may have a Dry Clean Only label, and if this is the case with your silk garment, please do follow the instructions to maintain your garment in a good condition as long as possible. However, some silk garments may contain a label that states that the material is safe for machine washing. Despite this, it is best if you do not risk it and still choose hand washing your silk garments instead.


The purpose of this post specifically is to deal with this issue and present you with a simple step-by-step method of how to hand wash your silk garments at home. Instructions are made simple so as anyone can follow them. Several tips for silk garments maintenance are included as well, so as to complete our guide for silk garments care. The easy process contains seven steps which are not demanding or time-consuming.


1.Fill A Large Bowl With Water


The process can begin as soon as you have chosen a container for use. You may use a large bowl or the sink according to your preference. Firstly, what you need to do is fill a large container or sink with water. The type of water used when hand washing clothes is relevant, therefore, use lukewarm water for this purpose. If you happen to have hard water, you may add a spoonful of borax to it before you add the soap.


2.Adding The Detergent


Once you have filed the large bowl or sink with lukewarm water, you may add the detergent. It is best if you use a mild detergent, an all-natural brand so as not to damage the silk garment. Baby shampoo is one of the preferred choices as, naturally, being intended for babies, the shampoo is mild ans safe for use.


3.Soaking The Silk Garment


During the next step, we allow the silk garment to soak. Let the garment soak in the water where you added the detergent for a few moments only. Push it under the water to make sure the whole garment is wet. However, be careful about time as silk garments are not to be soaked for longer than a few minutes as this can damage the material.


4.Hand Washing


Now it is the time for the actual hand washing of your silk garment. Take the garment and gently plunge it up and down in the water as you want the water to move through the silk garment. By doing this, the dirt is removed from the fabric. It resembles a very slow washing machine motion.


5.Empty The Bowl


Once you completed the process of hand washing the silk garment in soap, the sink or bowl you used must be emptied and replaced with clean water. Remove the silk garment from the bowl and empty it.


6.Rinse The Garment


After handwashing, rinsing the silk garment is the next step. Fill the bowl with cold water and rinse the item in it. You may repeat this step several times until all soap is removed and the water is clean. If you wish to maintain your silk garment soft, you may add a few drops of hair conditioner to the rinse water. It will make the fabric flexible.


7.Absorb Excess Water From The Garment


The next step is about absorbing the excess water from the garment. You can achieve this by using a towel. You should avoid twisting and squeezing the silk garment as you can damage the material. To begin the process, lay out a clean towel on a table any flat surface you find suitable. Place the silk garment on top of the towel and then slowly roll the towel from on end to the other so that the silk garment is rolled within. Now unroll the towel and remove the silk garment.


7.Dry The Silk Garment


The final step is drying the silk garment. Hang the item on a drying rack and leave it to air dry completely. Never expose the silk garment directly to the sunlight as it can damage the fabric and the garment’s color may fade. Wet silk can become yellow if exposed directly to the sun.


You may find some additional tips regarding washing and maintenance of silk garments to be useful.


– Ironing silk garments is not recommended. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid ironing your silk garment as you can damage and burn the material. A professional dry cleaning company to ironing your silk garment is recommended.


-If you wish to keep the silk material from becoming slightly yellow, you may use vinegar to prevent this from happening by simply pouring one-half of a cup of vinegar to the rinse water. This will also dissolve any soap residue and neutralize alkali traces.


-Never use a detergent which contains bleach to hand wash your silk garment as this can seriously damage the fabric.


As it is evident from these seven simple steps above, hand washing silk garments at home is not a complex process. It can easily be performed in a short time. For a successful outcome and to avoid any damage to the fabric, instructions given above should be carefully followed.


The Best Way to Clean a Wedding Dress at Home: A Step by Step Guide

Many people might be choose the following holidays, 8 days holidays for The Chinese National Day and the Middle Autumn Festvial for their wedding days,  and abviously that  day you probably cherish the most, your wedding day! It is a day you would never want to ever have its memories fade away. The wedding dress is one of the things that you would want to keep for as long as you can. Now, that means that you will want to clean it well before you keep it somewhere safe. The material from which the wedding dress is made will determine whether you will wash it by hand, machine.

Before washing your wedding gown, it is good to first establish if it has any stains. If the stains are there, remove them independently using a stain remover. After the actual washing, you will also need to iron it and also perform other preservation measures on it. Here is how you would clean your wedding dress at home on your own.


Things That You Would Require

Since you are cleaning at home, you will need to make arrangements to have the right tools that will get your job done. Here are the tools that you should have.

  • Stain removers.
  • Detergents designed for hand washing.
  • Absorbent towels

Once you confirm you have the necessary tools, you are now ready to go.



1 Examine your wedding down carefully and try to spot all the stains that could have formed on it over the period it has been in use (you may have lent it out to a friend to use in her wedding too). The stains form on the train of the gown, especially the bottom side. This is the part that in most cases sweeps over the floor or the ground when the bride is walking.

Check any other part of the dress on the top layer and spot all stains. These may have come from food or drinks, touch or even accidental falls in the midst of fun and merrymaking. In the process of checking, do not forget to also check any other layer of the dress as most wedding dresses have another one or two layers of cloth more.

2 You are now ready to start removing the stains. Use a wet cloth together with stain remover to remove the stains. Gently removing one stain at a time and make sure it does not spread to other parts of the fabric. Be very gentle because as you know, wedding dresses are made of delicate fabric that may tear if your rub or scrub violently.

Remember to protect the other layers of the fabric from the stain that you are removing the top layer. The absorbent towel (preferably made of absorbent paper) comes into use here.

3 After you are done with eliminating the spots and stains, make sure you dry the wet parts first before you start the actual washing. It is not a good idea to leave the dress to dry on its own in the air. You will need to facilitate the drying process artificially. A hair drier will come in handy. Drying this way will eliminate water rings which form when the dress is dried in the air. These would give the dress another bad appearance.


Washing the Wedding Dress

1 Soak the bottom of the dress overnight preferably in a bathtub. Make sure you soak it in water mixed with stain remover and liquid detergent. You will require some improvisation to have the dress hang overnight in such a way that it will not fall into the tub and that it is only the bottom part (the hemline) that is soaking.

In the morning, start scrubbing the dirt off the soaked area. Here, you will require a toothbrush or a small piece of cloth. Even then, the scrubbing must be very gently because the rule of the thumb is to be as gentle as possible to avoid tearing the garment.

2 Clean the upper part of the dress. You do not need to soak the whole dress in order to wash this part. You can mix water and liquid detergent and use a small improvised dispenser pump to spray the targeted part. Just like you did with the bottom part, use a toothbrush to scrub gently. Pay particular attention to the part below the arms. Sweat stains are most likely to be found there. Scrub them out gently using the toothbrush.

3 Now clean the other layers of the fabric, especially the part below the waist. You will use the same procedure as used when cleaning the top part. Concentrate on every visible stain and remove them thoroughly. Always remember to be gentle on the delicate fabric because you surely do not want to spoil it.

Repeat the process in cleaning out all stains in every other part of the dress, inside and out. It is advisable to make sure the stains have disappeared completely and if they don’t come out with the water mixture that you have used, soak the stained part in a mixture with a stronger stain remover and leave for some time then scrub gently to remove the stains. A recommended stain remover is the OxyClean brand.

4 It is now time to soak the whole dress as you move towards the end of the cleaning process. Clean the bathtub and let it have plain water without soap. Insert the dress and let it soak completely. Using your hand, you may make slow circular movements of the dress inside the bathtub as a way of helping to remove any detergent or soap residues from the stain removal processes.

Drain and refill the tab regular until such a time that you will notice that the water is clear of any soap.

Thereafter, you can allow the dress to dry outside but avoid hanging it on the line. Instead, you can place it comfortably on a drying rack in such a way that it is not hanging with its bottom part facing down.

The only time when it is advisable to hang the wedding dress is when most of the water has dried from it and only some mild wetness is remaining. Hanging it will aid in making sure it dries 100%.


Preservation of the Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is now clean and you want to store it for future use or for memory. You will have to keep it in a good condition. The first thing you need to do is to iron it. Use a clean iron or even a new one. A stained iron poses the risk of burning the dress and nullifying all your preservation attempts.

Be very careful while ironing just as you were while scrubbing off the stains. Press the bottom the back and the upper parts systematically and once you are done, fold it carefully and be ready to store it.

In storage, it is advisable not to store your dress hanging or exposed to any direct light. The best storage will be inside a box of its own. The light will make the dress turn into yellow from white.


It is the best thing to be able to learn to clean your wedding dress on your own. This is because you want to store it in the best condition possible as it is so close to your heart. It forms part of life memories that you do not wish to forget and it is a constant reminder of a rite of passage that you successfully went through. Hopefully, this article has been a useful guide.