Dry Cleaning or Machine Wash Guidline

1, Before washing any garment, it is critical to know whether it is suitable for dry cleaning or machine wash. Dry cleaning involves use of a non-water based solvent. There are several solvents that are used. However, tetrachloroethylene industrially known as “perc” is the most common. The items will be taken to a dry-cleaning expert. Dry cleaning is suitable for delicate fabrics. These include silk, wool, lace, chiffon, cashmere, satin, suede and rayon. It is also used
when the designs and patterns are fragile hence can easily get damaged. Common garments include tuxedos, wedding gowns, dinner dresses and more. Dry cleaning is also suitable for attire that features beading, sequins or lace. Machine washing involves water. It is suitable for materials that are sturdy.

They will be able to withstand the strong detergents and bleaches. Strong fabrics include linen, cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton. Fabrics that are easily affected by too much steam should be machine washed. These include faux-leather, suede, and knitted garments.

2, Using the wrong procedure will normally cause more harm than good. Sadly, many people always ignore the instructions or warnings that come with the garments. It is also important to differentiate terms such as dry clean only, dry cleaning recommended, machine wash only, and laundry safe. Dry cleaning will help preserve the delicate fabrics and also minimize the possibility of staining the garments. Materials such as suede can easily get blemishes if machine washed.

Expensive garments featuring sophisticated styling are best taken to a dry cleaner. He will ensure the garment doesn’t lose its appeal. The dye on garments that are not color-fast will tend to bleed or run in water. It is therefore advisable not to machine wash them but rather dry clean. This minimizes the rate of fading. Following the recommended dry cleaning or machine wash method goes a long way in making certain your garment

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