Here is how to remove cosmetic stains on your clothes

It’s normally very devastating when your clothes get stained by the cosmetics you use. This becomes worst when the cosmetic stain is on your favorites. Imagine wearing a white shirt or blouse having a red lipstick stain on it. Clothing experts have done thorough research to get a remedy to this issue since your attire has to remain sparkling. These cosmetic stains come into contact with our clothes in various ways that we can’t fully avoid. This can be when dressing, undressing, leaning on your friend and even from deodorant application. Lucky enough, through this guide you will no longer have such issues since we have clearly brought out the sources of these cosmetic stains and the best removal techniques and products.

Main staining cosmetics.

Some of the cosmetics known for staining clothes include the oil based makeups, lipsticks, mascara, deodorants, sunscreens, facial oils and lotions.


Many have lost their valuable clothes ranging from suits, casual wear to swimming costumes and beach clothes due to sunscreen stains. This is because many apply sunscreens on their bodies to protect their skin from excessive sun rays which may harm the skin. However this on the other hand stains their clothes. Quitting sunscreen usage can’t be an option and through this guide you will learn how to prevent sunscreen stains on your clothes.


The primary ingredients in lipsticks are wax, oil and the coloring also known as pigment. Wax and oil have a major negative effect if they get on your clothes hence lipsticks must be applied carefully and lipstick stain removal methods also used in case the prevention fails.

Oil based makeups.

Makeup stains are a pain to many and mainly fall under two categories. The first one is from the liquid makeups such as Concealer. The second is from powder makeups such as eye shadows. Both categories pose a great threat to our clothes.


Applying deodorants on our bodies for a long period makes the parts of our clothes in contact with the parts the deodorant is applied to be stained. This is mainly in the underarms resulting in stains.

Mascara and nail polish.

Such cosmetic products form permanent and very stubborn stains in case they get into contact with our clothes. Care should be taken when using them and incase it happens that they go on your clothes you should use the best oil-absorbing products to clean those clothes.

Lotions, body creams and facial oils.

They are mainly made up of greasy and waxy ingredients hence making their stains not that easy to remove. You should avoid them from getting deeper into the fabric of your clothes as we shall discuss below in this guide.
Removing the stains.

To remove cosmetic stains, products that are efficient in dissolving the oily part of the stain have to be used first before even introducing water and other detergents. When water comes in, again a decision has to be made on whether to use warm or cold water. Bleaches can also be used if the stained clothes are white in color. However, color safe bleaches can be used for stain elimination from colored clothes. Some of the best products used in removing cosmetic stains are alcohol, cornstarch, ammonia, glycerin, vinegar, shaving cream, hair spray and bread. Join me as we discuss these products and the techniques involved.Alcohol.

It’s mainly known to remove lipstick stains in an easy, fast and effective way. This is done by applying some alcohol on the stain and leaving it for around five minutes after which the stain will not be seen anymore.


Also known as baking soda, when applied on the stain and scrubbed it blots the oil which is afterwards washed off by water having some amount of any regular detergent.


Due to its chemical properties, it’s known to eliminate cosmetic stains on clothes in a very efficient manner. The cloth having stains is put in water to reduce the stain’s layers after which the stained area is dipped in ammonia for about fifteen minutes. This causes the stain to fade and when washed with a detergent your clothes start glaring.


Despite it being an ingredient in some cosmetics, it also acts as a cosmetic stain remover. Using cosmetics with this great ingredient is a plus in protecting your clothes. Spread a few drops of glycerin on the stain and leave it for a while. To fully eliminate the stain, wash the clothe in clean water having some detergent.


A teaspoonful of this deluxe product can give a great restoration to your clothes the clothes that you no longer wear due to that stain. A small amount of vinegar should be mixed with a cup of water and sprinkled on the stain. After some time, wash the clothes in detergent packed water to finish the cleaning process. However, vinegar should not be used on cotton clothes.
Shaving cream.

Most cosmetic stains readily dissolve in many shaving creams. It’s done by applying the shaving cream on the stain and leaving it in that condition for about ten minutes. Wash off both the cream and the dissolved stain using cold water.


Lipstick stains can at times be very stubborn on your clothes but a remedy for eliminating them can’t miss out. Using some of the hairsprays is the remedy. Spray it on the stain and after some time dab the stain using a sponge to reduce its intensity. Wash off the stain using water and detergents.


I know you may wonder how bread does this. White bread for instance has been known for decades as a good natural absorber of oil. It’s used to wipe the wet stain and through oil absorption minimizes the intensity of the stain.
Avoiding the stains.

For sunscreen stains, they can be avoided by first allowing the sunscreen to dry off and be absorbed by the skin before putting on your clothing.In case a cosmetic stain is still fresh, to avoid it from sinking deeper into the fiber you should first quickly blot up the top part of the stain using a paper, plastic scooper or cloth.
You should also wash your clothes immediately after removing them from your body and air-dry them other than using a dryer to dry them since the heat from the dryer may drive the oily cosmetic stain deeper into the cloth fabric.Truly, cosmetic stains will no longer be a bother and it’s your time to try these techniques and stain removal products. Go for it!!!

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