How to Clean your luxury clothing without damage

You might be wondering why many people opt for dry cleaning services? Well, there are many benefits for opting to this type of specialized cleaning. Dry cleaning process involves use of solvent but not water and detergent. Use of solvent in cleaning will help preserve your clothing’s that react with water or friction. A number of clothing with trimmings especially suits and dresses are made using heat sensitive materials for decorations, thus opting for dry cleaning services is better choice to preserve and protect it from damage.

How do a professional dry cleaner can help you clean clothes without damage? In reality, dry cleaning process involves moisture but not water. There is use of very gentle solvent. The purpose of the solvent is to penetrate and dissolve any form of dirt within your clothing and remove them. This process takes place in a cage like machine known as dry cleaner. The cage is rotated a number of times to ensure every bit of clothing is

exposed to the solvent. There is repetition of this process to ensure all stain removal. After rotation, there is introduction of dry air to remove any remaining solvent. Note that there are various types of cleaners for different types of fabrics as well as composition of stain. Professional dry cleaning process always starts with stain removal process before real dry cleaning process. This is the reason why this type of cleaning will protect your luxury clothing maintain it beauty hence extending its life span.

Ironing is another bit of dry cleaning process that needs extra care. Professional dry cleaners know exact heat to use when ironing your clothing after cleaning. Different fabrics require different heat levels. Professional dry cleaners understand this, the reason why you always need to opt for their services.

Briefly, professional dry cleaners have expertise when it comes to cleaning clothes made from different fabrics. To them, cleaning is not just to remove stain; it is about preserving your clothing original look. This is the reason why professional dry cleaners invest heavily in equipment and work force. Take note that with superior dry cleaning equipment and solvent, you guaranteed superior cleaning. It is your duty to source a reputable dry cleaner for all you cleaning needs. You may consider word of mouth, online reviews, and referral as a way of getting the best dry cleaner to handle your luxury clothing.
Due to effective stain removal as well as preservation of your clothes, dry cleaning should be your preferred cleaning method. This process is highly suitable for your luxury clothing, including suits, coats, dresses, and other clothes made from delicate fabrics and garments. These clothes may damage if you try to wash them yourself, hence regular dry cleaning is advisable. When you get your clothes from your preferred dry cleaner, always remember to remove them from dry cleaning bags as soon as you get home. Take note that these bags sometimes accumulate dampness from air, thus causing stale odors and mildew. Therefore, always hang your clothes in open place for sometimes before locking them in your closet.

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