How to remove ironing marks off your clothes

Ever decided to iron that blouse or t-shirt of yours and ended up giving it an ironing scorch mark instead? It can be a very nasty mistake, spoiling your favorite piece of clothes unless you do something about it. Let’s talk about this in more details. First off, how does the ironing mark happen?

Well, you can answer that. Getting distracted while ironing and leaving the iron on your t-shirt for a bit too long can end up burning it. On the other hand, there’s also using a temperature that’s too high for the kind of fabric you’re ironing. Remember that some types of fabric are stronger than others and can withstand higher temperatures, while certain fabrics are quite sensitive to heat and need extra care when dealing with them. But you’re probably asking yourself now, “Are all my clothes so sensitive?” Well, the answer is probably not. Although any kind of clothing is quite prune to getting such a nasty mark at one point or the other, some fabrics are more vulnerable than others.

For one, nylon and beaded fabrics require the most care, and are usually ironed with the least temperature settings because they’re very sensitive. Silk can withstand a little more heat but gets an easy mark if not done carefully too. Cotton, on the other hand, is the strongest fabric temperature-wise, but leave the iron on it for too long and you will be giving it the same fate of a scorch iron mark. And no, it’s not just the fabric really, but the color of the clothes matter too. Black clothes for example can get white marks on them if not ironed carefully, and the red colored can leave shiny, dark marks. Generally, dark-colored fabrics are more sensitive than the light-colored.

Ok, but what if it happened anyways? Do you throw your favorite piece of clothes away? Is there no hope to save it, no solution? Chances are, there actually is, especially if the clothes in question are made of cotton, wool or linen. How, you ask? Read on. Take the affected cloth and brush it gently with a toothbrush to remove any charred fabric remains. Then you’ll need to prepare it for the next step by washing it with cold water. The next step is to add a little liquid detergent on it-remember, just a little bit! Hand wash it carefully with cold water and voila-all fixed.; Remember-better than removing the iron mark, it’s best to prevent it all together. Always be careful when ironing your clothes especially if they’re sensitive to heat. Use the lowest settings possible and always make sure that the iron is correctly set before using it.

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