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Regular carpet deep cleaning service is required if a carpet is to be kept free of allergens, grit and dirt. The life-span of your carpet will be increased by using a professional carpet cleaning service. Since most services tend to state they are the best in deep cleaning of carpets, they do not give information in the type of services they offer and why they are good. Our carpet deep cleaning service is the best because of various factors. The following is information on the types of services we have as well as the benefits of the same. 

Wet Cleaning: The carpet has to be pre-reconditioned with a reagent to liquefy (saponify) oil based substances and soils which are present. Water, with a pressure of about 50 to 500 psig and temperature close to its boiling point is then injected into the carpet. After about 10 to 15 minutes, a vacuum of between 5 to 14 inches is then used to extract the resulting solution. Benefits :The method is normally recommended by industry cleaning professionals and experts and carpet manufacturers chemical reactivity facilitated using extraction wand or grooming tool ermits increase dwell times for cleaning solvents reaction allows the use chemical concentrates, pressures and high temperatures . Gets rid of soiling from deep in the carpet 

Dry cleaning:
 A powder (made up of cleaning agents and special solvents) is thoroughly spread over the carpet, and then slowly worked into the fibers using a special machine that has been fitted with brushes that counter rotate. The powder works by absorbing the soils and any other unwanted debris once it has been allowed to settle on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes. After this duration, it is vacuumed up. Benefits: Very fast drying duration. It takes only about 20 minutes for the carpet to be completely dry implified system. It does not require any technical expertise It is advisable to go through the types of deep carpet cleaning methods available and their benefits before you make a decision.