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The 21st century cosmopolitan life well furnished with the urban amenities and pleasures have created a “standard of living” for each one across the globe to live in according to how you want . Even though the phrase can imply different connotations to different section of people, but it has certain basic components that are essential or are common everywhere. For instance, the element of dry cleaning is essential to every family leading a posh city life. In fact no household can imagine life without proper cleaning services and it forms a part of basic hygiene and cleanliness at home. Therefore, finding a quality and authentic dry cleaning and laundry service provider, such as Easy Life Dry Cleaning is essential to maintain a quality standard of living and add some value to it.

When it comes to arrive at a comparative analysis of the cost and standard of living across the popular cities in the world, the majority would cast their vote for New York. It is as if taken for granted that the New Yorkers are the only ones that record the highest billing when it comes to urban living. An accurate reality check would reveal that the costs incurred in Shanghai are no less than New York. The quality of life index in Shanghai gets a rate of 94.98 point which denotes it as high.

Shanghai being the most westernized city in China is sparkling with lifestyle options like shopping malls, cultural and themed restaurants, grocery stores, health clubs and spas, public conveyance systems and many more that are priced at both steep and affordable rates. Not every time Shanghai residents get the chance to save money on the basic essentials of lifestyle costs. And dry cleaning and laundry services also form part of the lifestyle expense list.

Also with both men and women are working professionals in Shanghai, they hardly are able to make time for making it to the laundry or getting the household belongings cleaned regularly. Yet laundry and cleaning is something that cannot be averted else it might lead to low quality hygiene resulting in poor health and life quality. Therefore, if there’s an option for the Shanghai residents to join hands with an expert online dry cleaner in Shanghai that offers both quality services and affordable prices, it’s a great bonus and the best offer. This would help the Shanghaites maintain their daily life flow and not be worried about the cleaning bit that needs to be taken care of on a daily basis.Life is better only when it is enjoyed.

Being China’s most advanced and westernized city Shanghai offers its residents the best cleaning and laundry services. But to search for a service provider is the most difficult job to do. Since digitization rules today, it’s natural that you’ll find the popular and quality service providers online. Type in online dry cleaner in Shanghai in Google search and you’ll be welcomed with a volley of options, which is great. But to browse, scroll and finally select one becomes a laborious task. Given the sea of options it might also be never ending.

In addition to that, everyone would want a laundry and cleaning company that understands their distinctive requirements and does the job well within the committed time. The criteria in terms of a cleaning service provider in Shanghai include the following must-haves:

The company should be professional and practice authentic business practices.
The services should be of great quality so that there is no room for complaints.
The company should be trustworthy
The price rate should be affordable.
The company should be able to cater to all the individual and specific needs.

Keeping all these points in mind, the company that can accommodate it all and provide excellent cleaning and laundry services in Shanghai is Easy Life Dry Cleaning.

Welcome to Easy Life Dry Cleaning

Keeping in mind the fast and busy lives people lead in Shanghai, having access to a professional cleaning service partner is not easy. With Easy Life Dry Cleaning by your side life becomes simple and easy.

We are came into existence back in 2012 with a core objective of offering specialized laundry and dry cleaning service in the city of Shanghai. The company believes in quality services and that is why it makes use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products to clean your garments, carpets and shoes and keep the quality of these commodities. The idea is to take the meteor chunk of your responsibility in terms of cleaning so that you don’t have to stress at all in anyways whether your carpet is cleaned well or your shoes are still dirty.

We are a conglomeration of professional people that are united through this association that deploys the best and advanced dry cleaning techniques. Other being an active service partner to many families and individuals in Shanghai, the company is constantly in an endeavour to elevate its service quality and levels. This is the reason why the company is researching on the changing trends in cleaning in this new age in order to stay updated with the latest techniques so that it can provide maximum consumer delight.

That is not all. We also wants to add in an element of uniqueness and know the way it’s impacting the lives of their clients. Hence, we welcomes all the scopes and means through which it can hear from its audience and prospective client list. Should there be something that that clients would want to share with the company they can write at the company’s official email id. Other than questions, feel free to write in suggestions and comments so that the company use the same to enhance its level of services and do better with every passing day.

Service Timings

Easy Life Dry Cleaning works on a system of call up, place a service request, pick up and then a delivery time. Based on that interested online customers can place their requests by calling in any time between 10:00 am in the morning to 11:00pm in late evening, all week long from Monday to Sunday. That means the company has you covered.

Advanced Cleaning and Laundry Services to Avail
Like any esteemed and expert online dry cleaner in Shanghai this company too provides you with a wide selection of cleaning and laundry services that would cover mostly all the requirements that you have. Therefore, whether you are residing in Shanghai permanently or are here for an assignment on a temporary basis, you can leverage from its host of services that you can browse through as well as book online. Some of the innovative services the company offers are:

High quality dry cleaning services: It is evident that if you are a working professional then you would be having clothing or accessories such as scarves or cloaks that need to be washed through dry cleaning only. This company provides excellent and the best quality dry cleaning services that uses premium quality cleaning solvents and solutions that do a good job with your garments. Your clothes are cleaned in the best way and there are no unwanted effects like cloth shrinking, discoloration or fabric damage. Your clothes have a smooth, washed and classy clean look that you’ll love to sport.
Professional carpet cleaning services: Almost every household in Shanghai has carpets. That aside the city is home to several people that are inclined artistically and love to buy Persian and Moroccan rugs and carpet as their collection. Getting a carpet cleaned manually is a laborious task. The company provides both wet and dry cleaning services for carpets. The wet cleaning technique followed by the company is a industry suggested technique that uses the required chemicals to extract out the dirt and leave the carpet empty. Similarly, the dry cleaning technique followed is also distinctive and beneficial.
Bulk laundry services: This is an acute need for most people residing in Shanghai. Through this service the company takes care of all the cleaning and laundry requirements of an individual. From the t-shirts, trousers, active wears, towels, pajamas and the stoles and scarves and anything that needs cleaning gets cleaned through this service. Whether the bulk laundry comprises of adult clothes or kids clothes or a combination of both, the company effectively takes care of this by cleaning all the items appropriately so that there is no dirt left and also that the quality of the item is not altered in any way.
Shoes cleaning service: Every working professional has a collection of shoes! The formal loafers or the gum boots to the flip flops and the moccasins. Each shoe has their own specific requirements based on the material with which they are composed of. For instance, a moccasin will need to be cleaned differently than a formal, leather shoe. This is exactly what the company does. It has a clear understand of which shoe material needs to be cleaned with what technique and it ensures that it gets done in the most perfect way so that there’s no room for complaints.
Leather jacket cleaning service: Male or female, leather is something that most individuals own in Shanghai. It’s not just for the winters but also for various styling purposes. However, a leather jacket demands special attention and care and thereby proper cleaning for it to maintain its surface sheen, rich texture and the classy look. Easy Life Dry Cleaning offers its customers with excellent and high-quality suede and leather cleaning services where gentle and effective techniques are used to clean your leather jackets so that they are nor tampered in any which way.

Other cleaning services to avail

Discussed above are the basic services that most household and individual in Shanghai would require from time to time. However, that aside there can be other special requirements from customers. This company doesn’t upset its customers and provides a series of cleaning and laundry services that also comprises of curtain, house bedding, handbag and wedding dress cleaning. And that’s not all. There’s another service that will delight the customers is the specialized clothes repair and alteration services. Any minor tailoring work that customers have, the company can take care keeping the fabric quality intact.

With a volley of cleaning and laundry service providers available all over in Shanghai people can often wonder about the benefits of joining hands with Easy Life Dry Cleaning to choose this name over others. The benefits are multiple. However, listed below are the prominent ones.

We are a one-stop solution for every cleaning and laundry services that anyone would need in Shanghai.
We are a quality service provider that ensures all the cleaning requirements are met in a specialized way so that be it the apparels or the carpets are cleaned in the best possible way.
Customers can call online and book their services and can also get a promotional discount of 10% which can allow them to save big.
Customers can share their suggestions and comments anytime with the company.
The company used only high-quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that would be friendly on the fabrics that are being washed and cleaned.
Customers can call in and place their service requests and expect timely pick-up and delivery.
As a leading online dry cleaner in Shanghai this company offers complete value for money. That means though the price rate is kept competitive but it is nonetheless affordable for the customers.

Live it easy and seamless in Shanghai

Shanghai life sure has its own challenges and battles. However, when a major aspect like cleaning and laundry is met well by joining hands with a popular service provider, life tends to become simple and easy. As a prominent online dry cleaner in Shanghai, Easy Life Dry Cleaning is the best thing that can happen to anyone that is working towards making the daily life less stressed and more comfortable by having the cleaning part organized. So make the right move now!

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