The Best Way to Clean a Wedding Dress at Home: A Step by Step Guide

Many people might be choose the following holidays, 8 days holidays for The Chinese National Day and the Middle Autumn Festvial for their wedding days,  and abviously that  day you probably cherish the most, your wedding day! It is a day you would never want to ever have its memories fade away. The wedding dress is one of the things that you would want to keep for as long as you can. Now, that means that you will want to clean it well before you keep it somewhere safe. The material from which the wedding dress is made will determine whether you will wash it by hand, machine.

Before washing your wedding gown, it is good to first establish if it has any stains. If the stains are there, remove them independently using a stain remover. After the actual washing, you will also need to iron it and also perform other preservation measures on it. Here is how you would clean your wedding dress at home on your own.


Things That You Would Require

Since you are cleaning at home, you will need to make arrangements to have the right tools that will get your job done. Here are the tools that you should have.

  • Stain removers.
  • Detergents designed for hand washing.
  • Absorbent towels

Once you confirm you have the necessary tools, you are now ready to go.



1 Examine your wedding down carefully and try to spot all the stains that could have formed on it over the period it has been in use (you may have lent it out to a friend to use in her wedding too). The stains form on the train of the gown, especially the bottom side. This is the part that in most cases sweeps over the floor or the ground when the bride is walking.

Check any other part of the dress on the top layer and spot all stains. These may have come from food or drinks, touch or even accidental falls in the midst of fun and merrymaking. In the process of checking, do not forget to also check any other layer of the dress as most wedding dresses have another one or two layers of cloth more.

2 You are now ready to start removing the stains. Use a wet cloth together with stain remover to remove the stains. Gently removing one stain at a time and make sure it does not spread to other parts of the fabric. Be very gentle because as you know, wedding dresses are made of delicate fabric that may tear if your rub or scrub violently.

Remember to protect the other layers of the fabric from the stain that you are removing the top layer. The absorbent towel (preferably made of absorbent paper) comes into use here.

3 After you are done with eliminating the spots and stains, make sure you dry the wet parts first before you start the actual washing. It is not a good idea to leave the dress to dry on its own in the air. You will need to facilitate the drying process artificially. A hair drier will come in handy. Drying this way will eliminate water rings which form when the dress is dried in the air. These would give the dress another bad appearance.


Washing the Wedding Dress

1 Soak the bottom of the dress overnight preferably in a bathtub. Make sure you soak it in water mixed with stain remover and liquid detergent. You will require some improvisation to have the dress hang overnight in such a way that it will not fall into the tub and that it is only the bottom part (the hemline) that is soaking.

In the morning, start scrubbing the dirt off the soaked area. Here, you will require a toothbrush or a small piece of cloth. Even then, the scrubbing must be very gently because the rule of the thumb is to be as gentle as possible to avoid tearing the garment.

2 Clean the upper part of the dress. You do not need to soak the whole dress in order to wash this part. You can mix water and liquid detergent and use a small improvised dispenser pump to spray the targeted part. Just like you did with the bottom part, use a toothbrush to scrub gently. Pay particular attention to the part below the arms. Sweat stains are most likely to be found there. Scrub them out gently using the toothbrush.

3 Now clean the other layers of the fabric, especially the part below the waist. You will use the same procedure as used when cleaning the top part. Concentrate on every visible stain and remove them thoroughly. Always remember to be gentle on the delicate fabric because you surely do not want to spoil it.

Repeat the process in cleaning out all stains in every other part of the dress, inside and out. It is advisable to make sure the stains have disappeared completely and if they don’t come out with the water mixture that you have used, soak the stained part in a mixture with a stronger stain remover and leave for some time then scrub gently to remove the stains. A recommended stain remover is the OxyClean brand.

4 It is now time to soak the whole dress as you move towards the end of the cleaning process. Clean the bathtub and let it have plain water without soap. Insert the dress and let it soak completely. Using your hand, you may make slow circular movements of the dress inside the bathtub as a way of helping to remove any detergent or soap residues from the stain removal processes.

Drain and refill the tab regular until such a time that you will notice that the water is clear of any soap.

Thereafter, you can allow the dress to dry outside but avoid hanging it on the line. Instead, you can place it comfortably on a drying rack in such a way that it is not hanging with its bottom part facing down.

The only time when it is advisable to hang the wedding dress is when most of the water has dried from it and only some mild wetness is remaining. Hanging it will aid in making sure it dries 100%.


Preservation of the Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is now clean and you want to store it for future use or for memory. You will have to keep it in a good condition. The first thing you need to do is to iron it. Use a clean iron or even a new one. A stained iron poses the risk of burning the dress and nullifying all your preservation attempts.

Be very careful while ironing just as you were while scrubbing off the stains. Press the bottom the back and the upper parts systematically and once you are done, fold it carefully and be ready to store it.

In storage, it is advisable not to store your dress hanging or exposed to any direct light. The best storage will be inside a box of its own. The light will make the dress turn into yellow from white.


It is the best thing to be able to learn to clean your wedding dress on your own. This is because you want to store it in the best condition possible as it is so close to your heart. It forms part of life memories that you do not wish to forget and it is a constant reminder of a rite of passage that you successfully went through. Hopefully, this article has been a useful guide.

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