Zero Wast Eco-Friendly dry cleaning service

Zero waste dry cleaning is the process where clothing & textiles are washed using ‘green’ biodegradable chemical solvents, rather than water. The system is used to sanitize delicate fabrics which otherwise cannot withstand the rough tumble of a typical washing machine or clothes dryer, it can as well substitute labor-intensive hand washing chores.

The process

Garments are first placed inside the extraction chamber of a machine, commonly referred to as ‘drum’ or ‘basket.’ This washing chamber typically contains a horizontal, holed drum which rotates around an outer shell. The casing holds onto the solvent while its rotating drum supports the garment load. Its overall basket capacity is somewhere between 10 and 40 kg.

During a washing cycle, the compartment will be filled with approximately 1/3 of green solvent then made to rotate. Temperatures are maintained at approximately 30 degrees Celsius, since higher temperature can potentially damage the fabric. The solution is then removed and sent into a distillation unit that consists of a boiler & condenser. Compressed solvent is then fed into another chamber where any remaining moisture content is removed for good, so that the zero waster eco-friendly dry cleaning service for you goes as planned.
Nevertheless, not all stains can convincingly be removed by dry cleaning only. Some would have to be treated with special biodegradable spotting solvents, such as being soaked in special stain-removal liquids before garments are ultimately washed or dry cleaned. Likewise, natural fibers like wool, cotton, or silk of lighter shades shouldn’t be left in dirty/soiled condition for extended periods of time since they tend to absorb dirt in texture, and may therefore be difficult to restore back to their original color form. When done correctly, a single wash cycle will last for approximately 8–15 minutes depending on which type of garment is being cleaned and also the extent of soiling.

How it works

The solvent mixture from washing chamber passes along several filtration steps before being returned back to the final washing chamber. The initial step functions as a button trap, preventing small objects like lint, buttons, fasteners and coins from making their way into the flush pump. Thereafter, the lint is passed through an absorptive casing filter stage made from activated charcoal for removing fine insoluble soil & other non-volatile residues.

Ultimately, the ‘green’ solvent passes through a polishing filter that removes any residual soil particles not previously detached. The now clean solvent is then reverted back to the working-solvent tank for use in another session. The fact that this solvent can be recycled means users will be able to save money, instead of having to buy the same solution over and over again once it gets finished.

Unlike other processes, eco-friendly dry cleaning is a harmless and safe process. For consumers, it also whisks away difficult to clean, delicate garments and returns them to perfect condition in no time. Moreover, customers who regularly dry clean using this technique can positively affect their own indoor air-quality since no toxic contaminants are found here. This product is also considerably cheap compared to other cleaners found in the market, plus the fact that it lasts longer makes zero waster eco-friendly dry cleaning service for you quite popular in the market today.

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